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They say it only takes 66 days to turn something into a habit. I call bull. I’ve been trying to floss twice a day for the past four years, and it hasn’t quite stuck yet. I do a great job when I do floss, but it’s just a bit spotty on the frequency still. However, my semi-hard work paid off! After my first dentist visit in three years, I was given a clean bill of health and told my teeth were in better shape than most. Looks like even forming half of a habit will do wonders.

I’m finding that this is the same for my writing. The best writers are that way because they sit down and write every day. Now that it’s my job, I can say I definitely write every day, which means I have a good habit, right? Not necessarily. It’s also a matter of what I’m writing. Although blogging is a fun way to learn new things and stretch my writing skills, my true passion is for fiction. Getting in time for creative writing is difficult when my brain keeps telling me I could be working on paying jobs.

What I have to remind myself is that even forming half-a-habit is better than nothing. Even writing once or twice a week can put me ahead of the game and bring me towards my goals. And heck, maybe it’ll be like my teeth—a semi-habit that pays off later.

You never know!

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