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Welcome to another exciting edition of Wordy Wednesday! As you can tell, today is Thursday, which is the perfect day to talk about Procrastination. About 60% of words in the english language come from Latin and this is no exception. Procrastination is a compound of “pro”, meaning forward and “cras”, meaning tomorrow. So to procrastinate is to put something forward to tomorrow.

Procrastination can be your greatest asset or your biggest downfall. It all depends on how you use it. One out of every five people is considered a chronic procrastinator. These people are not lazy or disorganized or unmotivated, instead they take the best aspects of procrastination and harness their power. Being under a deadline can increase energy and focus. Procrastination also helps us accomplish other, smaller tasks that we do in an effort to put off the big ones we don’t want to do. Perhaps delaying on a project has brought new ideas or information to light that needs to be included.

When utilized correctly, putting your tasks off to another day can be very useful. Just make sure you eventually get it done.

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