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It’s an amazing feeling when you love what you do. In case you didn’t know, I have spent the past six years as a scuba instructor. You can imagine how excited my parents were when I graduated from a prestigious college with an english degree only to declare my new life’s direction was scuba diving. But I went for it and enjoyed six years of fun and rewarding work introducing people to the underwater world.

Words never stopped being an important part of my life though and now they have completely taken over! The universe was so sure that I was going to be a writer one day, it created a word especially for me—Wordsmith. Ok, this word came out in 1895, so it wasn’t actually made for me, but when you consider that I love words and my last name is Smith, it couldn’t be a better fit. Wordsmith is defined as “An expert in the use of words; a person, such as a journalist or novelist, whose vocation is writing.” I’d say it can’t get much more accurate (or literal) than that to describe me.

While I don’t recommend choosing a career based on your own last name, it is a funny coincidence when it matches so perfectly with what makes you happy.

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