Types of Writing Projects

The term "freelance writer" isn't very descriptive considering there are dozens of writing project types that span every aspect of marketing. From blogging to copywriting to social media, an expert writer is one who knows how to get your project done. Scroll down to explore marketing project offerings from Jeanette the Writer!


Short to medium-sized articles designed for an online audience.


Longer texts designed for print or a mixture of print/online publishing.

Case Studies

Customer success stories designed for sharing on a primary website. 

Email Marketing

Strong copywriting designed to generate leads or conversions.

Landing Pages

A website page designed with a strong CTA for high-traffic or ads.

Interior Webpages

Website pages designed to inform or sell a product or service.

SEO Updates

A service designed to enhance website SEO aspects for better ranking.


From blogs to books, this service is for editing of pre-written texts.

Social Media

Strategy, posts, and graphics for enhanced social media engagement.

Product Descriptions

Enhanced descriptions for better sales conversions on product pages.


Very short articles designed for a print or online newsletter.

Marketing Strategy

A service to set your company up with a long-term marketing plan.

Don't See What You Need?

Just Ask! There are plenty of projects not listed here that I have experience with—from bios and resumes to technical manuals and ghostwriting.

Email: Jeanette@JeanettetheWriter.com

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