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Editing Portfolio

From nonfiction workbooks to fantasy novellas to Christian memoirs to blog articles, I have helped many authors hone their writing and make their words shine. Here are some of the results of our work together...

Jeanette was a wonderful editor for our first book. She was always very responsive and met all of our editing deadlines. Not only did she read for grammatical errors but also helped us to make the book more cohesive and offered suggestions and guidance about the flow and content of the book.

She challenged us to write the most helpful book we could for parents of high school students and without her help we would not have been so successful. We would highly recommend her services if you are looking for an editor to assist in your writing content!

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Without her help we would not have been so successful

Jeanette has helped me edit both my adult fiction and children's non-fiction. For my self-pubbed project (children's non-fiction) she was integral to me putting out a quality book my readers could enjoy, and she offered editing expertise and proofreading I could rely on.

For my adult fiction writing, she's taught me editing skills that were easy to incorporate; skills I've even taken into future works even when she and I haven't worked together. She's often the voice I hear at the back of my mind while I'm writing or editing, reminding me what to do and how to get there. I'd recommend her for help on any writing project!

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I'd recommend her for help on any writing project

I would thoroughly recommend Jeanette as an editor. She not only helped me edit my first story but was an integral part of my writing process as a writing coach along the way. I found her, friendly, knowledgeable, and wonderful at quantifying my needs and relating them back to me in a way that I could understand and work from. She also was good at keeping me accountable with deadlines in a way that did not feel like a chore but was a pleasure to complete. I value her input not only as an editor and coach but as a friend. Her advice was always friendly and helpful and most of all, reliable. I would recommend her for any writing endeavor and will be using her services in the future.

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I value her input

Jeanette is a spectacular copywriter. She has done some ghost blogging for our team, as well as editing on some of my personal writing projects. I was a Lit major in college—meaning my standards are sky high—and she exceeds all my expectations.

Her writing is strong and captures the heart of the messages we want to send. The notes she provides as an editor are honest and insightful, and her feedback is delivered in a way that never threatens my ownership to my work.

I would recommend Jeanette to anyone who needs a reliable, personable, and experienced writer or editor.

I would recommend Jeanette to anyone

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Ryan Akins of Dale Carnegie North Texas

She has kept the integrity of my voice

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Priya Patel, Founder of The Intention Table

Jeanette is truly a wordsmith. I have worked with her on several projects and for each one she has kept the integrity of my voice while enhancing it to be the best it could be. She is professional, timely, and easy to work with! I am currently making a list of upcoming projects that I will reach out to her for!

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