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Dallas, TX – United States

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I'm Jeanette, your new writer, editor, and coach!


I believe in cultivating a personal relationship with my clients and offering encouragement at all times. Whether you need one article written or an entire novel edited, I promise to always give my best and work with integrity. 

I started my professional writing career in 2017 as a freelance marketing copywriter. Since then, I have worked on a variety of projects with clients in a diverse range of industries.


In mid-2018, I discovered that many people using my services were writers themselves, but they just didn't realize it or have the confidence to show it. Through my editing services and self-editing classes, these clients are able to expand their skills and produce their own original works.

As a former scuba instructor turned entrepreneur, I know about the hard work needed to pursue your passions. This work ethic is reflected in my business. From ghost writing to proofreading, I'm here for your needs.

Together, we can do this!

All consultations are Name Your Price. Whatever 30 minutes are worth to you is what you pay. (Minimum $1)

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