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Jeanette Smith

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Hey there! I’m Jeanette. I’m a writer, editor, and fictioneer (what I like to think of as a pioneer of modern fiction). I’ve worked as a freelancer since 2017 after leaving a seven-year career as a full-time scuba diving instructor. Before that, I worked for a cemetery, sold high-end cutlery, and served wine in a tapas bar. If you can’t tell, I don’t exactly go for the most standard career choices.

I’ve been following my passions since I was very young, and they have led me to work on some truly amazing projects with incredible people in many wonderful places. In my spare time, you can find me scuba diving, annoying my cats by posting pictures of them on Instagram, and arguing the benefits of the Oxford comma through my grammar blogging.

I believe that hard work and a good heart are the keys to success, and I put both into my writing and editing. You’re probably here because you need some help with one of those, and that’s great because that’s exactly what I do. You can read about my background in each area below.

My Writing Experience


From blogs to white papers to case studies, I assist companies and organizations with building their online content marketing presence. Good content marketing will positively impact search results and convert site visitors into clients and supporters. I know this because I've seen it in action. ​

From 2015 to 2022, I worked with the Foot & Ankle Wellness Center to build blogs and marketing materials. In our first year of efforts, our team won "Marketer of the Year" from the Top Practices Marketing & Management Summit. The blogs I wrote consistently rank in the top five visited site pages and the practice has continued to grow 7.5% year over year with my marketing content writing.

I know how hard owners and entrepreneurs work to run their businesses. I have worked with companies in a wide variety of industries to increase website traffic, craft marketing materials, and formulate lead magnets. In addition to my freelance work, I have worked as a marketing strategist and freelance copywriter with an Ohio marketing agency ranking in the top 1% of Digital and Development Agencies in the US.

Visit my writing portfolio for samples of the many projects I’ve completed.

My Editing Experience


I got my first professional editing gig in 2016 from a most unexpected place—my sister. (I’ll admit, I was jealous. I always figured I’d be the first one in the family to write a book.) She had written a nonfiction workbook with her business partner and they needed someone to turn the two alternating voices into one cohesive style and tone. I was able to provide structural guidance for the content and bring the writing together into a common voice through a line edit. The book was then published through Amazon.

Further editing projects came my way through writing groups and word of mouth. In 2018, I was contracted to line edit a Christian memoir to be published by Easton Books. Through the past few years, I have been able to work on a wide variety of projects from fantasy novellas to kids’ surgery books to nonfiction blogs and more. Each time, the author and I worked together to find their unique voice and make it shine.

Visit my editing portfolio for samples of the many projects I’ve completed.

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