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With millions of blogs and emails flooding the web every day, it seems impossible for your brand to keep up, let alone stand out. The energy you put into your work is better spent on building and growing your business, not straining in front of a blank screen to get your content marketing written. In the end, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get all your ideas written yourself.

Why Hire a Ghost Writer?

This is where I step in, to free up your time so you can get back to what you love while knowing your content marketing is taken care of. But it goes beyond that. I have a knack for translating clients' thoughts and personalities into words; the words they had always been yearning to write and share. My clients say things like "she has kept the integrity of my voice" or that my writing "captures the heart of the messages we want to send."

An SEO-friendly blog with regular postings, a brand voice that engages readers and stands out, a personal connection that builds rapport—these are what generate new leads and drive sales. I'm here to make that happen. I’m a blogger and editor with over six years of freelance writing experience. My clients may span industries from A to Z (seriously, just check out my portfolio page), but they have all experienced the same high satisfaction with their content.

When you stop worrying about your content marketing, you can finally get back to the part of your job you’re truly passionate about. Email me (Jeanette@JeanettetheWriter.com) today to get started building your brand's voice.

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