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Line & Copy Editing from a Dallas Freelance Editor

You did it! You finished writing your manuscript. The plot is set, the characters are deep, and now you just need the commas in the right place.

That’s where I come in.

As a freelance line and copy editor, I’m here to help ensure clarity and consistency within your work. Your sentences will sing, your punctuation will pop, and your manuscript will magically sparkle.

This is what’s possible when you hire me as a freelance line editor or freelance copy editor.

How to Work with Jeanette

I’m so glad you asked! At the moment, I offer professional line and copy editing for novels, nonfiction books, short stories, and business communications. I also offer private self-editing instruction via my Compass Calls.  


Email and let's discuss your project!


Not ready to hire a professional freelance editor yet, but still wondering how to self-edit your novel or short story?


No problem.


Through self-editing instruction, you can gain the right mindset, knowledge, and tools to complete some of the stages of editing yourself.


Start with my FREE Self-Editing Assessment to determine where your editing strengths lie and where you might still consider bringing in a professional. Then, shoot me an email with your results, and let’s discuss your next steps.

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