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With heavy market competition and new content flooding onto the web every day, it can feel impossible to keep up, let alone stand out. The energy you put into your work is better spent on research or helping patients than it is on designing marketing plans or writing blogs. In the end, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done yourself.

Medical Blogger

Health & Wellness Copywriter

That’s where I step in, to free up your time so you can get back to what you love while knowing your marketing is in good hands. As a freelance medical writer in Dallas, I understand that marketing a medical device or medical therapy requires a broad span of materials aimed at attracting both medical professionals and layperson consumers.

My concierge marketing services are tailored to you and your audiences. I can fill in gaps in your current written marketing or start you from scratch with a full marketing plan and materials. I offer services as a medical copywriter, health & wellness blogger, and medical editor. I have experience delivering blogs, website copy, marketing emails, social media campaigns, articles, eBooks, and more.

If sales of your new medical device are sitting stagnant as you struggle to reach doctors and patients with your marketing...

If news of your innovative health therapy has yet to reach consumers so your product or treatment gains popularity...

If your waiting room is looking sparse as technology health solutions draw patients away from in-office visits...

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