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Content Writing from a Dallas Freelance Writer

You know that feeling when you’re staring at your sparsely populated blog or your blank white paper draft, and you’re wondering, “isn’t there someone else who can do this for me?”


You CAN get your content marketing up and running with a bit of extra help.


That’s where I come in. I’m a freelance SEO Content Writer with a passion for crafting educational, entertaining, and optimized content for your blog or marketing funnel. Whether you need regular blogs and articles to post or pitch or you need a professional white paper or case study to use as a lead magnet, my content writing skills can fill that gap.

How to Work with Jeanette

I’m so glad you're interested! Currently, I offer blogging, white paper and case study creation, and long-form article writing. I’m also a professional editor who can take what you’ve already written and expand or enhance it to perfection.


Let’s connect, and I can help you with all your content needs. Shoot an email over to and tell me about your project needs.

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