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What Others Are Saying...

Jeanette was a wonderful editor for our first book. She was always very responsive and met all of our editing deadlines. Not only did she read for grammatical errors, but she also helped us to make the book more cohesive and offered suggestions and guidance about the flow and content of the book. She challenged us to write the most helpful book we could for parents of high school students and without her help, we would not have been so successful. We would highly recommend her services if you are looking for an editor to assist in your writing!

Alison / Career Counselor 

Jeanette has been wonderful in helping me to stay on point with my plot and points of view in my novel. The notes she provides as a coach are honest and insightful, and she provides her feedback in a way that never threatens my ownership to my work. I would recommend Jeanette as a coach to anyone that wants to complete a work of literature, without having to spend years editing after it’s complete.

Ryan /  Dale Carnegie Leadership Coach

I knew your edits would be valuable after the first time we talked. What surprised me is how much of a learning device they are. Thank you for taking special care with my manuscript and putting so much effort into it. I admit, there was a little bit of me that was scared — kind of like a parent watching their child take its first steps. You asked me to stretch, to open my eyes and mind to changes that will improve my book.  You did this with care and encouragement and as my cheerleader.  I’m more excited about my manuscript and my abilities as a writer than I have ever been. Until now, I felt like I was writing in a nowhere land with few clues that anything I wrote was good.  You have helped me realize that I am a talented writer and now I can focus my efforts on those areas that will make me a better writer.

If you are like me, trying to bring a story you love to life, don’t hesitate to invest when it comes to editing. You will not regret having Jeanette give your manuscript a review. She is affordable and well worth the investment.

Mary /  Author & Blogger

I am so grateful to work with Jeanette. I value her professionalism and knowledge and her amazing talent. This is my first experience publishing a book. She was so wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend her because she has made my book amazing and she made my first experience seem so easy!! 

CK /  Speaker & Author

Jeanette Smith and Golden Rule Editing have set the editorial bar high. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanette during an ongoing, deadline-driven project. To say I am impressed with Jeanette’s keen industry knowledge is an understatement. Her turn-around capabilities make me wonder if she has magic superpowers.

Jeanette was the keynote speaker for a writing organization I belong to. I (along with other members) was impressed with the amount of detail and important information she conveyed to our group in a short time. She is a regular presenter in many spaces.

Receiving edited work back from Jeanette is a highlight of my day. She is insightful in maintaining the integrity of my voice as a storyteller - she just makes it better.

Jeanette’s understanding of the English language is borderline ridiculous. Her eye for making a sentence or paragraph reader-friendly is one of the traits I admire most about Jeanette.

The other thing that has to be mentioned is her absolute dedication to professionalism with a Can-Do attitude. Knowing that I was under deadline in preparing a proposal for literary agents, Jeanette not only worked up until the hour before flying to Europe, but she also worked on my project from the Mediterranean throughout her vacation.

She has been available for each question and has been helpful with formatting, flow, grammar, and all things vocabulary.

It is a pleasure to recommend Jeanette and Golden Rule editing. She will make every piece of content better. She is golden.

Kristina / Marketing & PR Ninja

Jeanette Smith was hired in 2015 to supplement our marketing plan with health and wellness blogs. After seeing an increase in web traffic, we correspondingly increased our blogging frequency and now post original content weekly. Our blog is in the top 10% of pages visited on our website. In 2017, we added to the scope of Jeanette’s work with articles for our print and online newsletter, as well as informational slide presentations created monthly to provide informational marketing to our current patients while waiting in exam rooms. Her writing style makes complicated health problems easy to understand for our patients. She has met all of our deadlines and is a pleasure to work with. Her creative and innovative style allows FAAWC to stand out in a world of continual bombardment of social media messaging.  It’s nice to know that we can implement all of our marketing ideas with Jeanette’s writing. Your business will clearly see a dramatic return with her involvement as our practice has grown 14% every year since Jeanette has joined our marketing team. In this world of employee turnover, it is a relief to know that Jeanette continues to be a part of our team with reliable and dependable service. Considering payroll taxes, benefits and bonuses, it makes financial sense to outsource your writing needs to a professional like her. You won’t be disappointed!

Jane / Podiatrist